Degree Accreditation in Turkey

Degree Accreditation in Turkey

Is your degree accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council? How do you know?

As per the new YOK (Higher Education Council) regulations, degrees obtained abroad will only be recognized in Turkey if they meet the following criteria:

  • If a Turkish student is admitted to one of the top 1,000 ranked universities in the world, they are not bound by these rules and their degree is automatically recognized. Universities are ranked according to the CWTS Leiden Ranking, Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai), and University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP)
  • If Turkish students are not enrolled in a top 500 institution, they will need to take the YGS and LYS Turkish University Entrance Examinations in order to study abroad. There are two rounds of exams: YGS is the first and LYS is the second. Students must score at least 150 for 2 year degree programs and 180 for 4 year degree programs.
  • Approximately 2.2 million students take these exams every year. Students seeking a medical degree must score among the top 40,000 exam-takers in Turkey. Prospective law students must score among the top 150,000, architecture students must rank among the top 200,000, and engineers must score among the top 240,000.
  • For all other degree programs, Turkish students must achieve a specific minimum score (depending on the program) to qualify.
  • For programs that require special talents or skills, Turkish students must achieve at least 150 on the YGS exam.
  • All students must take these exams upon graduating and before entering university.

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