About Us

Founded in 1996, ASBA Education Consulting has provided high quality, cutting edge consultancy to prospective students for the past 20 years. ASBA proudly upholds the highest standards in the industry according to those set forth by the NAFSA Code of Ethics. Our counselors share unique perspectives, backgrounds, and a variety of academic, professional, and personal experiences that lend themselves generously to their success as a team. We believe in continuous training, and are determined to remain at the forefront of international education by attending conferences, seminars, and campus visits locally, regionally, and globally.

ASBA Education Consulting consists of 3 divisions:

ASBA Counseling

At ASBA Counseling, our mission is to identify the institution that will enable a student to be most successful based on their educational background, test results, budget, and future career ambitions.

ASBA Counseling offers a range of services including but not limited to:

  • Assistance with choosing major and identifying behavior tendency and career objectives
  • Determination of university list
  • Support and guidance throughout the application process
  • Assistance with scholarship, grant applications
  • Orientation and introduction to college experience
  • Continuous monitoring throughout academic career

ASBA Academy

ASBA Academy provides one to one test preparation to high school students.  Our SAT and ACT teachers are English native speakers and have top test scores themselves.

ASBA Academy provides test preparation for the below exams:

  • SAT and SAT Subject Test
  • ACT Test
  • AP exams

ASBA Agency

ASBA Agency provides the below services to students

  • Counseling in Pathway, Pre-MBA & MBA programs
  • Certificate & Diploma programs
  • High school completion programs
  • Language training courses
  • Summer Sessions
  • Pre-College programs